Friday, February 02, 2007

blogs get more traffic than websites

I was not into blogging a few months back. But then suddenly I started blogging one day and made around 10-12 posts in 2-3 days. Added feeds in my blog, and submitted to search engines. And even developed a few backlinks. And the blog got indexed in the google search engine in about 3-4 days. Nice!

I found the vast possibilities of blogging lately, and also I found out that blogs make better traffic than quality domain based websites. That’s why now I prefer blogging. Since this is a seo blog so your can read the rest of the blog and understand how, I make such easy traffic.

Following are a few photos from analytics that will explain what kind of traffic I enjoy. This photo is of this seo blog’s analytics data. It manages around 100 visits a day, and it’s just 4 weeks old, I think it’s pretty decent.

high traffic seo blog

3 weeks back I made this blog. This blog is all about making your computer faster or in other words speed up your computer. Since am a hardware pro by profession, and I have a diploma in hardware and networking, I feel it won’t be hard for me to post related data for this blog. You can find some really cool information about your computer in this blog. Traffic that I enjoy on this blog is about 20-25 people. Not really bad to start with.

make your computer faster stats

Another blog I made about 7 days back is this one. It’s just 7 days old and I get around 10-15 hits a day. It’s about cricket and in India cricket is everything so I expect a bit of traffic for this blog as well. In the long run I feel this blog will have more traffic than the other blogs of mine.

stats for cricket records blog

Just 2 days back, with due respect to the agloco website, I made this blog. This is a very new blog and don’t have sufficient posts. And am working on it, and expecting that agloco will help me, and put this blog somewhere in the agloco website and give me some traffic. I am a member of agloco and expect it to pay me, as agloco is a website which says it’s a member contributed website and it will pay it’s members pretty well. Actually before the launch of the viewbar I just want some referrals, so that I can earn quick money from it. In the past I had great success from affiliate jobs, and I made rich amount of money, so it’s easy for me to trust this new website and work hard for it. Any one how trust me, is welcome to agloco.

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