Monday, February 12, 2007

Genuine jobs on internet with proof

Affiliate jobs of surveys and referrals look very promising for every internet users. But unfortunately most of these are scams. Very few of these sites really pays. I usually check ten such sites on a daily basis and if am lucky then in about a month I manage a site which is genuine. Such is the life of Internet jobs.

So, I have decided that I will put some affiliate money-making websites here. This will certainly help many Internet job seekers. Also I will only post those sites here, which are genuine and have sent me a cheque. The cheques will be scanned and uploaded. Now you have proof of authenticity of these website. Also these are free to join.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Optimize for image search by alt tags

Optimize for image search.
Have you seen the image search in google. Most of you have some images in your sites and blogs. But they don’t come up in google search. Do you know the reason? The answer is very simple, you need to optimize for image search.

Ever heard of the alt tags, this is the basic for the images to appear in google search. To display any image in your blog you write these codes, “img src” and then give a “=” and you put the URL after that. And the image appears, right. But you forgot the alt tags, and close the “< >” code. Rather use this after the url, “alt=”name of the photo””. This small code will make a huge difference in the search results.

For the text search, there is a huge amount of competition, which makes your ranking for competitive keywords in search engines very difficult. But the images don’t face that much competition, so you can manage some hits from there. The image below describes the alt tags. If you put your mouse arrow on the image, it will give you a text, which is its alt attribute. This simple alt name, may take you photo to the top of image search.

alt tags for image search

A tip for blogger. People try to upload photos to blogs. This won’t help you to get the alt tags. You may enjoy the unlimited bandwidth of blogger or other blogs publishing websites, but your image traffic won’t increase from this. The solution for this is, open a free geocities website. It is free so you won’t have to pay anything. A yahoo geocities account can be used with a free yahoo account. Then simply logon to your account, and upload a picture. Make sure that the picture is not any more wider than 400 pixels. Then upload it, and copy the full URL of the image. As suggested above use the img src command to put your picture on the page. This is very simple, and you won’t have to pay anything to do this. This is how alt attributes work with blogger.

Monday, February 05, 2007

send and recive money online

Interested in online jobs, but how will you get paid. Just think for yourself, am sitting on my computer, I want a job done by someone. Suppose someone did the job and emailed it to me. How would I pay him? The easiest way to pay someone online is paypal. The fastest way to send and receive money on Internet is undoubtedly paypal.

Paypal is free to join, and is absolutely easy to use. Just give your paypal email id, to someone who wants to pay you. And your transaction is done. Though for each transaction a certain amount is deducted, though it’s marginal and doesn’t really matter.

Paypal can send you cheque, takes about 4-6 days to process a cheque. Takes about 20 days to reach you. $5 is the cheque processing charge. As fas as my experience is, this amount is not too big. I recommend paypal and I use it myself.

If you are new to Internet, I suggest you to straight away make a paypal account. It’s free and easy to join. The use of paypal is huge, and you will slowly learn it. You can post a comment if you want to know anything more, I would reply on that. It is also suggested that you go through the paypal help, and FAQ sections, almost all your questions will be answered there.

Friday, February 02, 2007

blogs get more traffic than websites

I was not into blogging a few months back. But then suddenly I started blogging one day and made around 10-12 posts in 2-3 days. Added feeds in my blog, and submitted to search engines. And even developed a few backlinks. And the blog got indexed in the google search engine in about 3-4 days. Nice!

I found the vast possibilities of blogging lately, and also I found out that blogs make better traffic than quality domain based websites. That’s why now I prefer blogging. Since this is a seo blog so your can read the rest of the blog and understand how, I make such easy traffic.

Following are a few photos from analytics that will explain what kind of traffic I enjoy. This photo is of this seo blog’s analytics data. It manages around 100 visits a day, and it’s just 4 weeks old, I think it’s pretty decent.

high traffic seo blog

3 weeks back I made this blog. This blog is all about making your computer faster or in other words speed up your computer. Since am a hardware pro by profession, and I have a diploma in hardware and networking, I feel it won’t be hard for me to post related data for this blog. You can find some really cool information about your computer in this blog. Traffic that I enjoy on this blog is about 20-25 people. Not really bad to start with.

make your computer faster stats

Another blog I made about 7 days back is this one. It’s just 7 days old and I get around 10-15 hits a day. It’s about cricket and in India cricket is everything so I expect a bit of traffic for this blog as well. In the long run I feel this blog will have more traffic than the other blogs of mine.

stats for cricket records blog

Just 2 days back, with due respect to the agloco website, I made this blog. This is a very new blog and don’t have sufficient posts. And am working on it, and expecting that agloco will help me, and put this blog somewhere in the agloco website and give me some traffic. I am a member of agloco and expect it to pay me, as agloco is a website which says it’s a member contributed website and it will pay it’s members pretty well. Actually before the launch of the viewbar I just want some referrals, so that I can earn quick money from it. In the past I had great success from affiliate jobs, and I made rich amount of money, so it’s easy for me to trust this new website and work hard for it. Any one how trust me, is welcome to agloco.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Adding a sitemap to blogger

Adding a sitemap to blogger. We have discussed in a previous post, about the importance of a sitemap. If you have a sitemap for your blogs and websites then there are more chances of your pages being indexed. Here I will discuss the methods of making a sitemap for blogger.

google webmaster central

To start with go to the Webmaster central.

sign in to webmaster central

In the Webmaster central of google, signin. You will need a google account to proceed.

Then open your blog, and copy your blog’s url.

copy your blogs url

Then come back to the Webmaster central and add your blog’s URL there. Once you add your blog, it will ask you to verify your blog.

add your blogs url

Then click on verify, and choose a verification method.

verify your blog

Select Meta tags verification. After that copy the Meta tags that is displayed there.

select meta tags verification

Copy the Meta tags and then open your blogger account. In your blogger account, go to template and then on the lower tab edit current. In the template, just below the head, paste the code. Then save the template changes and republish your blog.

meta tags added in your blog

Then click on the verify, and you will see the verification acknowledgement.

verification successful

Then in the Webmaster central, click on the submit a site map.

submit a sitemap

Then you will be asked, about sitemap type.

choose sitemap type

Select their general sitemap.

select general sitemap

Then come back to your blogger account again, click on the settings tab, and there click on the sub tabs site feed. After that, copy your site’s feed.

copy site feed in blogger

Then paste the feed as your sitemap.

paste blog feed as sitemap

You will get another acknowledgment as sitemap added. It takes some time, before your sitemap is verified. Then a lot of your pages will be indexed.
your sitemap for blogger is added

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Webmaster resources of traffic swarm.

A very good place for webmaster resources is the traffic swarm. We have discussed previously about free traffic that traffic swarm provides. But this is very different. Traffic swarm provides a great resource page as well. This can help you to develop and popularize your website in many ways. Simply register for free, as this place needs your registration. Once you are registered and logged in, you can check out the free stuff. I suggest the “good keywords” software. It has helped me to get my Meta tags correct, so I suggest if for you also. The best part is, it’s free.

On your profile page of traffic swarm, click on the top tab that says resources.

traffic swarm webmaster resources

Saturday, January 20, 2007

step by step guide to put feeds in your blog

These days people like to read the blogs from their rss reader. So adding feeds in your blog is very important. Feeds also work for indexing as blog and ping method is becoming very popular.

If you are using blogger, your blog feed is available in the settings. Click on the site feed named tab under settings, and copy your feed. You will need for making you are “my yahoo” and “my google” buttons.

I will use this website for adding feeds in your website.

feed for your blog

In this website simply click register on top and get yourself registered. This is a free service and registration is absolutely free. Once you get registered you get an account.

create a feed account

Then logon to that account. You will be taken to your profile page. There is a "my feeds" link on the top of the page. You can use that to go to your profile page.

feed profile page

In the profile page you will get a straight bar. You can put your feeds link in that bar. After that your feed will get ready.

feeds dashboard

Click on any existing feeds or a new feed on your profile page, and you will be taken to the feeds dashboard page. There you can do a lot of thing. Just click on the top tab promote. there you will see "chicklet chooser". That will help you to make your "my yahoo" and "my google" etc feed button. Just click on the radio button besides every button, you will get the code on the bottom of the page. Just copy the code and paste it on your blog. Remember to paste those codes on the side bar of your blog, looks good.

my google my yahoo buttons choser

And you feed is ready. This feed that I gave in the example is available here. You can check out this blog and see if the feeds are looking and working all right.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Prevent yourself from getting banned from adsense

Prevent yourself from getting banned from adsense.

1) Read the tos and programe policy of adsense. And follow all that very strictly. Remember it changes as well, so keep looking it as frequently as possible.

2) Don’t tell your adsense websites to anyone you know. Friends and family should never know about your adsense websites or blogs. If any friend get’s your adsense links, he may click your ads to help you, and you can get banned. Moreover if your friend turns enemy then you will sure have problems.

3) Don’t make enemies online. Avoid enemies on Internet, as they might give your ads a 20 click and you can get banned instantly.

4) Do not click on your own ads. I don’t think I need to tell you, still am saying because many of you think that clicking once doesn’t hurt, but am telling you one click is enough for your adsense to say goodbye.

5) Google’s crawlers knows everything, don’t try to cheat them. If you play honestly then it will help you more than anyone else.

6) Try to make content, rather than optimize for keywords as made for adsense websites are not tolerated by google any more.

7) Don’t buy duplicate content, or the adsense templates, these same templates are used by so many people, google may ban you for duplicate content.

8) Don’t edit your ads, you already get a lot of opportunities to get a desired ad format and color, there is absolutely no reason to edit your ads once you get it.

9) Don’t put your ads in pages with less content. Also mp3 and video download sites are a violation of the tos so avoid those aswell.

10) To say the least, adsense is not allowed for porn and adult content pages, so stay away from those pages.

Try to make websites and blogs to improve the Internet, add resource and knowledge in text, so that Internet becomes a better place. Don’t create pages simply to make money. Ask yourself, if there is no adsense, will you still be making these websites etc. your primary reason to make websites should not be to make money from adsense. Rather adsense should be treated as an optional feature, that makes your website better.

Remember it’s better to play safe when you are with adsense. An adsense account once blocked is gone for ever.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

google analytics way of understanding site traffic

Google analytics is the best place where you can know where your website’s traffic is coming from. . You can see the graph which will tell you from where your traffic comes from. It can be from any part of the world, and then you know, how popular your blog or website is in which part of the glove. For using this, you need to copy the tracker. The tracker code will be available when you register your website with analytics. When you will paste that code in your website, you will be able to track your website. More of less this service is reliable. And most other free services that give such facilities are not so accurate. We have seen using most counters, they even count your visit if a person dose a refresh of the page.

I will also give you another website which dose somewhat the same work. But the free service of this website is also not that bad. Actually it as more features than the analytics. You can try this website as well.

get free backlinks by submitting articles

Article writing is the best method of getting backlinks. You can write thousands of articles and submit them is hundreds of article submission websites. This is the best way to develop backlinks. Article submission is better than directory submission, because article submission websites are not blacklisted as most directory submission. And most of all, there is not much difference between directory submission and link exchanges. Directory submission is better, if you are submitting on page rank 6 directories or above, but there is very few pagerank 6 and above directories available. On the article submission sites, page rank 6 is pretty common.

Any search engine bot indexes links easily with they get unique contents, so writing articles are is the best way to do it.

So, what are the things you should look at, while selecting an article submission website. First of all, check the page rank, if the google page rank of an article submission website is not available then stay away from that website. There is no harm in a page rank 0 website, in case the website’s pagerank is grey which says, “this website is not currently ranked by google”, means it’s a blacklisted website. This is known as “grey shade”. Page rank can be found in google toolbar. Also there is no use to submit page rank 0 websites also. So target your articles in page rank 4 and above website to gain proper backlinks.

Write an article describing your website. Take time and write as long as possible. Check your article for spelling and grammar, as most of article submission websites won’t accept wrong English articles. You can also get your articles written by some professionals if you are unable to write quality English. Most article submission websites have a resource box, so you enter your website’s URL’s there. When the article will be submitted, and approved. It will be posted in the article submission websites. Your article will have your website’s URL listed there. When the search engine crawlers will read the article, they will also index your website, or crawl your website. This way you can get your website indexed, and increase your page rank. This is one of the most important part of seo today.

Take your time, slowly submit your articles, and keep submitting them as often as you can. Try to write more article, rather than submitting the same articles again and again. One word of advice, first publish those articles in your website. Then wait for the search engines to index that article. After that submit that article to as many websites as you can, this way the original content remains with you.

Search in google by “article submission” and you will find all the article submission websites. Keep submitting all your articles to get a lot of backlinks.

bookmark this page, add this page to favorites as you will need this page again, and if you forget the url to this page you won't find it easily. press cont+d.

Submit to some of the great directories, here is an example.

here is the list:

webmasters help to website success

Google has a lot of features that webmasters can take benefit of. There is a webmasters forum where you can discuss anything related to your website Also google’s staff are available here, so you can get a few official comments as well. Honestly the people from google don’t reply much, but you can try your luck there. This is another place where you can find out, whether your website is indexed by google or not, all the information about crawling etc can be found here,

Yahoo also provides a similar service, but the features are a bit less. Though you can use this, as all these will make your website’s indexing in search engines easier,

Want alexa bot to crawl your website, this is the best place for that to happen. Just invite the alexa bot in to crawl your website.

These little things keep you above, in the race of competitors.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

tricks to make more money from adsense

We have already discussed the tips section, now let's get on to the advanced section. One click can pay you $100 and another can pay you 1cent. The amount that you are paid per click depends on the bidding of your advertisers. Some advertiser dose more bidding and some do less.

Why do people bid more? Just imagine a person bidding $40 for a single click. If you were an advertiser how much would you bid, well I would bid the lowest possible! Then why these people are bidding so much. The answer is, publishers like the more bidding ads, and most of all your keyword is included in every publishers content if you bid more, right.

Now am giving your a list of words that are high paying, so if you include these words in your content, then you can enjoy some great clicks.

here is the list

This list can go more, but i hope the message is clear, the medical terms get's more money. Anyways we will talk of some more adsense money increasing methods in the next post.

tips to make money from adsense

Following are a few tips that can help you make some more money from adsense. You need traffic for getting money, so read the rest of the blog, that will help you to get some traffic. Blending the ads: now let me explain this point carefully. You cannot edit your ads code once you get it from adsense. But you can choose your colors in the adsense ad selection.

Now in the above picture, you can see the option default google palate, there you can always chose “open air”. Also you have the colors option. Like the background color “ffffff” this is the white color. But my blog’s background is not white. My blog’s background color for the right side ads zone is “E3F0FB”, so I will put this color code there, in the ads background color.

This is the best way to blend the ads. Chose the ads background as the same as the Website or blogs background, chose the same for the border as well. Then chose the ads text color as the same as the rest of your content’s color. This way your ads will look as a part of your site. You will get better clicks this way.

After your ads are blend you need to understand what is the best ads format that will help your earnings. The square ads format like the 250*250 pixels ads, get you more click, than the straight or vertical banners. The 160*600 type of ads dose not get enough traffic, so forget all that. Get any of the square ad units, that will help you to make more money out of adsense.

The referral blocks don’t pay too much. So prefer not to use it. The search and referrals don’t work out great for most people, unless ofcourse you have your content optimized for firefox or picassa etc.

The link unit 728*15 gives a high click through, but then it has to be optimized well, and also it needs to be kept on top.

Any ad unit work well, only when it’s in the top 800*600 pixels area of the website. So it’s better to keep your ads block in this region of your website. Also when you have one large page with lot’s of content, prefer all the three ad unit as the 250 square unit, and put it surrounded by the content of your website. That way you will earn more money, and get more clicks.

earn money from adsense

Adsense is the best contextual ads network. People can make money from adsense, by displaying ads in their blogs and websites. There are lots of rules of adsense which are to be followed, because adsense is very strict and can ban your account. And remember, an adsense account once is banned forever.

How to join adsense and start earning. It is easy to join adsense if you have a blogger account. blogs from blogger get approved faster than any other websites. Go to blogger and make a blog. Since you are reading this blog, means you are already at blogger. Just create an account, make a blog, and post a few pages of quality content. If you read my entire blog you will learn how to get a successful blog. Then you can get traffic, learn about feeds etc. after that copy your blogs URL, and go to and apply for adsense. Give the necessary details and then and in the place of your website or blog, give the URL of your blog you created in blogger. This is the easiest way to get into adsense.

Once your account is created and approved you can login to your adsense account. There is in adsense setup tab you can get your adsense code. Just paste that code in your blog. After that whenever a visitor clicks your ads you will be paid. Remember one thing, don’t click on your ads, also don’t ask anyone to click on your ad. If you visitor feels that the ads are of any interest to them, they will click those ads themselves. Read the full tos of google adsense, and the program policies. And follow those terms carefully else you may get banned, then all your money will be lost. It takes $100 before you payment is processed. So before that you will not get any payment.

What is the method to increase your payment? We will discuss these in the next post. As of now, just add contents, unique contents, write whatever you want; as text is the only content that google loves. So type in what every you know. It is important to start a blog on your favorite topic, else you will run out of your text. Just see this blog, it is just 2 weeks old, and there is already a lot of unique text has been added. This is the reason why this blog got indexed in google less than one week.

earn money from your website or blogs by displaying ads

In this section we will discuss the various opportunities of earning money by displaying ads from different ads network. Google’s adsense is the best contextual ads network, but we will not discuss this one here, there will be separate posts where only adsense will be discussed. In this post I will explain all the other ads network which gives money for displaying ads in your website’s and blogs.

How dose these ads network work? Where is the money coming and where it’s going?

An ad network maintains an equilibrium between the publishers and the advertisers. The publishers has the traffic on there websites and blogs. Now the advertisers are people who are looking for quality content targeted traffic. For that advertisers pay these ads network, and then the ads network publish ads on any publishers site or blog, and the advertisers get there traffic. This is how the ad networks work.

Let’s take this website to begin with. As in every other ad websites, there are two parts. One is for advertisers and the other is for publishers. Publishers get’s paid for every click, and there is also a $20 free clicks for advertisers. One thing that I like about this ad network is, it shows the bidders. you can see what is the highest amount per click on any webpage. And the top bidders will be automatically placed on your website. Like I see a $5 click as the highest in my bids section. So am confident that some day when someone will click on that ad, I will get the $5 click. You can try this ads network, it’s pretty satisfactory.

Promote your Website with BidVertiser. Get $20 in FREE clicks.

Am now going to talk about an Indian ads network. this also has two parts where you can be an advertise or a publisher. There is also a feature that you can use your publishers money, the money you gain from showing ads in your website, to advertise your website. Also if you signup as a publisher, you can advertise 3 links for free, your links will be online for 1 month. This is cheap ads network, so you just get 4 cents per click. But then if you advertise your links, you just have to pay 6 cents. So here you can get some cheap traffic to your website. Also this network takes only websites, domain based quality websites are only accepted here, so, if you advertise in this network, then your ads will only be displayed on websites and not on blogs or any free pages.

Free Ads for Indians Worldwide

Make money from your Website or Blog with BidVertiser

There is also another site, which is my favorite. It is somehow integrated by alexa, and here your website’s or blogs value depends on alexa ranks. You earn more money from clicks if your alexa ranks are better.

I will be updating this page pretty frequently, so keep checking this for updates.

quick indexing in search engines

Get indexed in search engines in less than 24 hours of your site’s being online. This blog was indexed by search engines in a few days. This is mainly due to the feeds. Also the backlinks that I generate from articles and directory submission has a big role to play. But the feeds are a major reason why blogs get’s indexed faster than any websites. So, I suggest all the website’s to have a blog. You can try the word press and moveable type blogs. A blog will help your website getting indexed faster, also the crawling rates of search engine crawlers will increase. All you have to do is make a blog, then keep adding contents contents as frequently as possible.

Let’s get to the point now. What are feeds and how it will help to bring search engine bots and crawlers to blogs and websites?

Search engine robots, spiders, and crawlers etc, reads and understand xml easily. Now feeds are generally rss and atom. There is no use of understanding these in detail. The fact is, most people today like to read contents and news in there feed readers. And for that you will have to submit your blog’s feeds in a lot of feed submission websites.

You must have heard about the “my google” , “my yahoo” etc. these are your personal google and yahoo pages. You can customize your page and add feeds there, so that it is displayed in that page, and you can quickly get to read news from your favorite sources.

Ever heard of the blog and ping technique. When anyone submits your feed to the google or any other site, in there personal my google page, then the google crawler comes to the blog through the feed url and collects data from there. Just make a blog and ping it, this is the easiest way to get the crawlers to your website or blog. And also it is the quickest to get your site or blog indexed.

You can get feeds to help your blogs as well. I recommend this website for feeds This is a website where you simply create a free account. Then log in to it, and the copy your rss-xml or atom feeds etc and paste it in the homepage of the website. First register, then login, you must be registered to do all this properly. You get a profile page once you login, from there you enter your feeds url. After that you see your URL listed in your profile. Click on the listed URL, there you will get the control panel for your feeds. From there you can manage it. Give it more time, and then slowly you will know the importance of all this.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

get all your pages indexed in search engines.

We have talked about unique contents, and also discussed about methods to get unique content. Now we will talk about getting your website’s each and every page indexed in search engines. So, what is the method of getting your entire website indexed in google.

Before discussing that, let me tell you how you will understand a website is indexed or not. Google toolbar gives a facility to check the cashed pages of a website, and that can be very helpful. You just check out that a particular web page is cashed by google or not, if not then the website or a particular page is not in google’s index.

How to get all your pages indexed. First of all try making your website static. A static page with a .html or a .php extension get’s indexed in any search engines faster than the URL’s with =, ?, & and id etc characters. Though many search engines indexed dynamic pages also, but then the importance of static page is more than the dynamic page and the static pages do well in the search engines, search results as well. You can also learn about the mod_rewrite function of apache to understand about it more.

The best way to index all your pages to search engines is to have a site map. A site map is a collection of your pages. A site map is advised for bigger websites, where the amount of pages are big. There are a lot of methods to make a site map. You can simply create a page in your website and add all your links there. Put a link to that page in the bottom of your home page as sitemap and then link it to the page with all your links.

Here am talking of some of the great site map creating websites. There are tools in the Internet, most of them are free and those tools generates sitemaps for your website. The software tool will find all the WebPages, in your website. It will list all your pages in a file and you have your sitemap ready. For better indexing there is also an xml sitemap option, as the search bots reads the xml easily, so you can upload an xml sitemap is you like. Here is the link to the websites and there is one more There could be a thousand such websites, but it’s better to use these. This will help you to make proper sitemaps and google will index your site quickly.

prevent your contents from getting stolen

Do you have the fear that your contents are being stolen. How to prevent this from happening. Most people use this website for protecting there unique contents, This website dose not do much, you can just put up a banner and that says don’t copy, this is a page protected by copyscape. This is not why I refer this website. There is a feature in the site that tells you how many duplicate contents you have for a particular url. Now this is a useful feature. You can type in your website’s URL and check for your duplicate contents in the web, then you can keep a track of website’s stealing your content.

There is one more method that you can follow. This is a very popular website, Just copy the full URL of your page, that has some unique content, and go to dig. Simply open a free account, and post your story. You will have to enter the URL of the story and then describe it in 350 characters. This way you get a free backlink and some free traffic. Also you submit your URL of the story so your page remains unique.

Technorati also dose a similar work. You can also try that. There is a lot of similar website, but I strongly suggest not to try them, try this digg website, this is a very popular one. You can try to add every article or content of your website to this digg website.

This topic will be updated and this post is not complete, so keep checking this, and I will upload more data in this page.

In the next post I will talk a bit about the rss and xml feed. That will help bloggers mostly. Though the feeds are a popular topic and most people know about this, but for those who want to know extra or those who don’t know about this yet, this could be an interesting topic.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

unique content for website traffic

This is the most important reason why a website dose good on any search engines. There are a thousand method to bring a search engines crawler to your website. But if your website dose not have enough unique traffic then the chances are, you website or blog will not be indexed. Also if you have duplicate content then your website or blog can be blacklisted on search engines.

so the simple answer is, start making content. There are lots of content writing softwares, but i strongly suggest not to use those. And content here means only text. if you want your pages rank well in search engines, then start making unique contents. Write yourself a few pages every day. In about a month you will have decent pages on your website. We will discuss in the next post, about getting all your pages of your website indexed in the search engines. in this page we will only discuss how to get unique content.

There is no harm in buying some unique content. I have a team of professionals who write quality content for websites. Also we charge very less for contents. If you want to bid for content, then you can simply contact us from the email address. Try the contact us page to contact us. Then we will discuss more about what type of content you want.

Also for people who are having websites, those of you who runs websites i strongly suggest you to start a blog. Word press and movable types are a few example of blog running scripts. Just install it and you blog is ready to use. If you run a company, you can simply put some of the information and inside news in your blog. If you keep post a few pages every day, in a few months, the hits to your blog will be more than your website's home page. I must say, blogs get's more traffic than most websites. Also you can use the blogger to post on your website, we will talk about this in later posts. In the mean time, just start a blog and start posting.

If you want to go for free options, and still want unique content, you should try to get a add article feature in your webiste. Then people will write unique contents for you. this is a free way to get some unique content for your pages.

Now here is the big question, how you will know that a page in your website is unique of not. The simple way to know this is, just use this website. It will tell you how many such pages are already available in the internet. Then from there you can understand that your content is unique or not. Possibly there is no harm in keeping a few duplicate contents in your website. But if it becomes more, then you will face problems from the search engines.

Here the the link to the website, that helps you to find a page is unique of not.

classified ads for your website traffic.

Classified ad also helps you to gain traffic. The basic things you should look when you are searching for a classified website is it's google page rank. If the google page rank is more than 1, that means there is no risk in putting your ads in that website. I will list some of the classified websites here, you can get a lot of traffic from those. All of them are free to join, that makes them even better.

To start with, here is a free classified website which will advertise your website absolutely free.

There is no end to the no of classified websites available on internet. If you go to google, and search for "free classified websites" etc. you will get enough websites to put your ads. how much traffic you will get from that classified ads, you can check that out from the alexa rank of the classified website. if the rank is better, arround 50 thousand or less, then you can get decent traffic. Don't go for paid classified as that will not help you, and you will lose too much money.

here are a few website that you can try, for free classified ads.
  • {the best in the classified sites.}
  • {this is not a classified website, here classified is just a feature that makes myspace more popular, it is a social network website where you can make friends.}
Just search on, and you will get lots. A peice of suggestion i must give is, make a separate email id for this, as you will get too many spam emails from this classified, don't use your primary email id for this.

free hits to your website.

Am talking about a website that will give you lots of free hits. you must have heard about websites that give free traffic. This is also a similar one, where you search for credits and that credit is used to give you traffic.

Most of these websites that dose similar things are not worth giving a try. Then why i chose this website. The answer is simple, this website has a google page rank of 6, and an alexa rank of less than 600. google page rank 6 means this website is good to use. The alexa rank of 600 means this website has a large volume of traffic. This is the reason it says a swarm of traffic, really huge traffic. and the most important thing is, it's free to join, and you can earn the credits absolutely free.

So here is the link, from where you can join this traffic swarm website

Now, let me say a few thing about the traffic that you get. Though it says that every credit is equal to a unique person visiting your website or blog, but it is not excatly the same. I have noticed that 2-5 credits are wasted before you get a unique visit each time. So that way you can get about 4 unique visitors in about 10 credits. This pretty good, as other similar websites gives about 4 unique visits by wasting 100+ credits. The visit of the people are unique and the traffic you get is content targeted or category targeted. This means the people visiting your website is interested in your blog or website.

You will need a few credits to activate your account, it dose not take much time. Once your account get's activated, you get a 100 credits free. From then you just start getting a lot of hits to your website for free.

you can also put the search bar of this traffic website in your own site or blog, this will help you to get more traffic and credits. Though i don't suggest to put adsense ads pages in with this website. Try using this traffic on non-adsense pages, though google has not told that this is not allowed, but it's better to stay safe.

affiliate websites to make money on internet

Affiliate is a popular term on internet. Every website needs people who will popularise there website. Then they pay the affiliates for there work. i have done a lot of affiliate works myself. honestly telling, 1 out of thousand site really pays.

so, how to understand a perticular site will pay you or not. there is one simple way. every site has a contact us page. use that, and ask any resonable question to the website owner. if he replies then there is chances that this affiliate website is worth giving a try.

i will list here a few website who has paid me. and am telling you these website's are free to join. so you don't have anything to lose. you will have to still give those website's enough time. it takes time to get yourself established in the affiliate market on internet. you need enough experience to start making decent money, but then you start with my over 8 years of affiliate marketing. chances are you will start making money from the word go.
so here is the first website, this is the only survey based website that paid me.

Ok, now am giving you another website's link which is doing good. it's a fairly new website, and it is said that this website actually owned by it's member. this way when you register, you don't actually become a member of this website, but you become a share holder of the website.
The name of the website is agloco and this one is an easy website to make money.

Write and earn, this type of websites are available in abandunce in the internet. but this one is different. it has a page rank of 6 on it's home page and has a lot of traffic. here you just have to write lots of articles. they call the articles as abstracts. then these abstracts become popular and get indexed in search engines. after that, they pay you for the ammount of traffic those articles or abstracts pulls. this way you can make money on your articles forever. or you can publish your own articles and give your blog or website a backlink, that way you get higher page ranks and traffic for free. it pays by paypal.
here is the link to the website, simply write and earn.

here is a link to become an affiliate of the v7n directory submission.

when ever any website will pay me, i will put it's link here. so keep checking this place for updates.

tips to increase your alexa rank.

Alexa is a website which ranks all the website's on internet. According to alexa has the most traffic. It means more people go to yahoo rather than any other website. Msn and google comes after that. Also orkut and youtube and myspace manage a place in top 10 website. Alexa gives a rank to any website, so your website or blog also has some rank. If you qualify to get inside the top 1 lakh rank, then you can see your traffic graph. When your website is first ranked in alexa, it's rank can be more than 50-60 lakh. If you follow the tricks, that am going to tell, then you may get in the one lakh rank in, not more than 3 months.

Ok, now the question is what is alexa?
Alexa is an website. It provides a search engine, and a toolbar. Alexa helps every website to get a traffic rank. This rank gives an idea of the traffic a perticular website has. If the rank is about 1 lakh then people estamate the website's traffic to be more than 1000 unique visits a day. So, this helps your website to get some respect in terms of traffic. People might think your website's reputation is higher with better traffic ranks.

How dose alexa ranks website? From where the data of traffic is comming?
The answer is simple, the alexa toolbar. And this is the way to increase your traffic. If you install the alexa toolbar, and then browse through your website, and open every page of you website then you can manage a better alexa rank. Just install the toolbar, and then simply in your browser i.e. internet explorer as alexa don't support any other browers, open your website. you don't have to use the toolbar, browse as you have been browsing for all these days. The toolbar will send the data itself.

Am giving you an url that will help you to invite the alexa crawler, so that you website will be indexed in the alexa. this way you start getting the ranks from alexa. Here is the link

It is a nice way, so what is the problem?
The problem is that the alexa toolbar has many adwares. And these adwares and spywares are a reason why alexa toolbar is difficult to use. No one like these spywares and your system and internet's speed will be slowed by this.

Then what is the solution?
Well, there is a solution all right. Just go to any internet cafe or any public computer, install the alexa toolbar and open your website. This is the best way. And since it is from different ip address, you will get more higher ranks, each time you visit a different public computer. More over if you all your website to the favorites and make that your home page, in any public computer installed with alexa toolbar, the people who will come after you, will also give your website a better alexa rank.

Now let me give you more methods to make your ranks better.
  • You can make a coustom alexa toolbar for you, with your logo on that.
  • If you use the mozila firefox toolbar, then you can integrate alexa with it.
  • You can refer your coustom alexa toolbar to others, like your visitors.
  • There are alternatives to the alexa toolbar.
If you go to the then you will get all the info you want on the alexa toolbar and how to make most of it. What am going to tell you, is what are the alternatives. And here is one alternative that you will sure like it. So here is the link
i hope this will help you, and if you think i have helped you in anyway, then please include my blog's url in your coustom toolbar that you will make, both vmn, and the alexa. Thanks!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

free search engine submission.

Search engine submission is a method where you add your website to the various search engines of the internet. the big search engines are the google, yahoo and msn. But these are not the only one, after all google get's about 50% of the total search, and the yahoo and msn get about 35% of the search. Still there is about 15% of search left, which is being done in the smaller search engines. to get the most traffic from search engines, it is important to get your site listed in all the search engines.

Am going to shair one of my favorite website, which dose this work. it submits your website to top 20+ search engine for free. Here is the link to the website, , this is one of the best website submission tools available.

If you check out the right side of the website, there are a couple of tools. link popularity etc tools are available in the website. Each tool there is free to use and if you give some time to the website then you will get to know more about the tools. These little things will help your website reach the top position in the search engines. traffic and page rank will increase. Also there is a little information about the alexa rankings. In the next post i will tell you a few secrets to increase the alexa ranks of your website.

Here is a submission tool, which i got from that website, you can use it to submit your website to a lot of search engines.

Advertise your website on this blog

This is no link exchange, and am not selling any link here. This is normal advertising. You are getting traffic from this link. Also you will get some page rank, and you website will be indexed in google search. You are paying for advertising on my website.

Before adding your website, you check my page rank. This is a method to understand that the price of the link is worth or not.

this way you get lots of traffic, and we get money. we will use that money to buy links from higher page rank website, so that our website get's a pr higher. This way you will get the link back from an even higher page rank blog, than you have paid for.

click here to send me an email

This way you will get page rank, and traffic. your website will be indexed in the search engine as well. So here is what you get in $20;
  1. Higher page rank.
  2. Traffic to your link.
  3. Search engine indexing.

And if you think that $20 is too much to pay, you also can do one more thing. Add this html code in your website, and send me the email at the above email address. And then we will do everything for you, all your search engine optimisation work, your website traffic etc. We will promote your website, and help you develop the website. Just copy and add this html in your website, on the home page. as long as the html is there, we will take care of your webiste.
Here is the list of thing we will do for you:
  1. Search engine optimization(seo).
  2. Submit to over 200+ websites.
  3. Make your page rank higher.
  4. Increase traffic for your website.
  5. Improve alexa ranks.
and all this is free, just keep this html code on your home page, i mean your index page. We will manually check that, and then we will start your work. As long as we see our html code there, we will work for you.

Just copy one of these and email us at the above link, and we will do the rest. if you want to improve all, then you put all the codes on your homepage. and we will do everything for you as described below.

Improve alexa rank.

Increase google pagerank(pr)

Increase your website's traffic

Improve your keywords in search engines.

Free submission of your website to search engines.

Free search engine optimization for your website

seo traffic for your website

Increase traffic tricks, furmulla, and methods.
let's start with some of the free methods to increase website traffic.

the basic thing that gives traffic to your website, blog, page etc is the search engine. so here is some of the tips, that will increase your traffic.

search engine optimization (seo):
let me explain what is a search engine, and how many search engines are available today.
a search engine is a website or tool, that gives us search results from the internet. when we need to know about something, a perticular query word, we go to the search engines, and they give us related websites. eg. if you search by "seo traffic for your website" and if this page is indexed in any search engine, then this blog will be displayed in the search results.

so, the question is how to get your website indexed, in any search engine? this is a very tough question, as it takes months to index a website, or even more. but we can get your website submitted in any search engine quickly as well. just read through, and you will know the tricks.

then what are the big search engines.
  1. google
  2. yahoo
  3. msn
  4. ask
  5. alexa
  6. rediff
  7. live(same as msn.)
there could be thousands of search engines, impossible to list all.

every search engine, accepts your website, so you can go to any search engine, and find the add url, to just simply add your website to that search engine. then after, about 2-6 months you can simply wait, and after that your website will be reviewed and you may find a place in the search engine. in most cases, the search engines after review, don't accept websites.

then what is the easy way?
the answer is backlinks.

how can we get backlinks, there are a few methods.
  1. writing articles.
  2. directory submission.
  3. paid directories.
  4. link exchange.
there are a lot of methods, but i strongly suggest, not to exchange links. we will discuss about the rest of the methods.

before going in to that, let us first understand one thing very clearly, before adding articles or directory submission, always check the google page rank, and if the rank is more than 1 then you should submit there, else forget that website, search any other site.

what is google page rank.
this is a method of google to determine which website is better. if you have a page rank of 5 and the other website has a page rank of 4, then there is more chance of you to get the first position in the search engine, above the other websites.

how to know google page rank?
google page rank is available in the google toolbar, then sometimes you will see that the page rank has been removed from the toolbar, then you will have to go to the options of the toolbar. then just select the page rank to be displayed on the toolbar.

then go to google, and do a search for submit article, or free article submission etc. all the websites that are available, will be displayed. before that, write a great article. and then just start submitting that article to every article submission website possible. this way your article will be displayed in a lot of website. don't forget to see the page rank of the website, if the page rank is 0, i mean less than 1, then don't submit your article there. because if you do so, then the chances are that your website will be banned. a banned website shows no page rank. it is known as the gray shade on the page rank button.

remember, don't over do this. if google or any other search engine will found that, you are doing too much optimization, then you may fall in problems. better search for page rank 6 website for article submission.

then comes the directory submission.
what are the famous website that do directory submission?
to start with,
  1. dmoz (page rank 9)
  2. (page rank 9)
  3. v7n directory
there are many, but only go for page rank 6 and above for free directory submission, and don't give them your backlink. and for the paid ones if you want to do some expence, then try the page rank 7 and above. remember one page rank 7 website is as good as 100 page rank 6. so try the higher page rank(pr) websites only.

we will talk about the optimization more in the comming posts.

Friday, January 05, 2007

list of free webhosts

today am going to talk of some free web hosts. sites that gives free hosting facility, on a subdomains or pages.

yahoo's geocities is the most famous of the lot. though the feature is not much to boast about. just the 15 mb space, which is not at all sufficient. then you can upload the picutres only makes things worse. Data transfer is 3 GB/month but this is checked evrey hour, makes arround 4 mb per hour. so your site goes off line very quick. there are a lot of free tools with geocities, so you this is a feature rich package.
alexa rank of this site is 69 and page rank is 8

then the free webs, this is another website giving free sites. this is the link to it
alexa rank of this site is 338 and page rank is 7

50webs is another website giving free subdomains, also there is a 60 mb of free space, and unlimited data transfer, making your site's uptime 100%. but there is a problem, you can not upload a single file of over 300k and above. the link is
alexa rank is 2339 and the page rank is 6

google pages is another option for the free page. you also get the google page maker to help you make your page. yes, it is easy, but the features are not sufficient. though it is being updated.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

About this blog

About this blog: In this blog we will discuss some of the great websites, that are making the difference in internet. here you will know the secrets to get the most out of your website, and take it to the top of search engines. we will provide you with some free traffic ideas, that will give some free traffic to your website.

Every tips to increase your google pagerank and alexa rank will be explained. We will discuss the possibilities of making money out of your blogs and websites. We have put some rss feeds in our blog, if you use a rss reader, you use it. To know more about the feeds just read the entire blog. You can check out the archives. That way you will get to know what you are looking for.