Monday, February 12, 2007

Genuine jobs on internet with proof

Affiliate jobs of surveys and referrals look very promising for every internet users. But unfortunately most of these are scams. Very few of these sites really pays. I usually check ten such sites on a daily basis and if am lucky then in about a month I manage a site which is genuine. Such is the life of Internet jobs.

So, I have decided that I will put some affiliate money-making websites here. This will certainly help many Internet job seekers. Also I will only post those sites here, which are genuine and have sent me a cheque. The cheques will be scanned and uploaded. Now you have proof of authenticity of these website. Also these are free to join.


Lovely said...

I also did try survey savvy, it didn't show my earning till now... I cann't trust this ...

Sister2brother said...

I'm also not too "cool" with these other affiliate and survey sites. I will say that some seem interesting like and Ebay but like you I still want to check them out more.

but I did want to mention and ask you if you have seen the increase of "blogging" jobs being offered. I saw one blogging job for one of the hit TV shows "Ugly Betty".

tech expert said...

hello lovely and s2!
If you have lots of referrals then they will do the surveys and all you have to do is to just cash out when you have some money!

So far i have cashed some big checks from this site too, and i still have a few bucks waiting for me to cash out!! this site is good!