Monday, February 05, 2007

send and recive money online

Interested in online jobs, but how will you get paid. Just think for yourself, am sitting on my computer, I want a job done by someone. Suppose someone did the job and emailed it to me. How would I pay him? The easiest way to pay someone online is paypal. The fastest way to send and receive money on Internet is undoubtedly paypal.

Paypal is free to join, and is absolutely easy to use. Just give your paypal email id, to someone who wants to pay you. And your transaction is done. Though for each transaction a certain amount is deducted, though it’s marginal and doesn’t really matter.

Paypal can send you cheque, takes about 4-6 days to process a cheque. Takes about 20 days to reach you. $5 is the cheque processing charge. As fas as my experience is, this amount is not too big. I recommend paypal and I use it myself.

If you are new to Internet, I suggest you to straight away make a paypal account. It’s free and easy to join. The use of paypal is huge, and you will slowly learn it. You can post a comment if you want to know anything more, I would reply on that. It is also suggested that you go through the paypal help, and FAQ sections, almost all your questions will be answered there.


Ronald said...

You're trying a bit too hard! The article you've written about Paypal here is informative and good, but me personally got quickly bored of the constant BEGGING of making a Paypal account. Hehe, the referal fee must be really worth it I assume ;)

Nice work with the rest of your site, I enjoyed surfing your blog.

anagenetic said...

hey~.bump~~~. :)

Md. Ohidur Rahman said...

I'm From Bangladesh & Want to create a paypal account. But I can't open from there because the country is not exist in the country list. so how may i create & doing transaction with paypal.


Md. Ohidur Rahman said...

I'm from Bangladesh & want to use paypal for internet transaction. I tried to creat a/c there but there have no my country name to select.
So how can i create my account in paypal.


tech expert said...

ya, the referral is is worth it, actually that article was written in lightning speed, so i guess it was not well planned. i am planning to put up another paypal article, this time it will be good.

md. ohidur rahman, if paypal is not available in bangladesh then we can't do any thing. just hope you get paypal in near future. just check that you have money bookers and xoom, they work pretty well.
alternatively you can find someone in other place, who can work as an agent for you, who takes your clients money, and gives you by some other way, after taking some commisions. it won't be easy to find one, and don't ask me, as i won't do that.
i suggest you to wait, paypal will start in bangladesh some day!

Sister2brother said...

I think that it would also be a good idea to mention that one does have to have a a bank account or credit card.

When I first joined paypal eons ago I thought that I could be paid by check alone but had come to find out that I needed to have a bank account.