Saturday, January 06, 2007

Advertise your website on this blog

This is no link exchange, and am not selling any link here. This is normal advertising. You are getting traffic from this link. Also you will get some page rank, and you website will be indexed in google search. You are paying for advertising on my website.

Before adding your website, you check my page rank. This is a method to understand that the price of the link is worth or not.

this way you get lots of traffic, and we get money. we will use that money to buy links from higher page rank website, so that our website get's a pr higher. This way you will get the link back from an even higher page rank blog, than you have paid for.

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This way you will get page rank, and traffic. your website will be indexed in the search engine as well. So here is what you get in $20;
  1. Higher page rank.
  2. Traffic to your link.
  3. Search engine indexing.

And if you think that $20 is too much to pay, you also can do one more thing. Add this html code in your website, and send me the email at the above email address. And then we will do everything for you, all your search engine optimisation work, your website traffic etc. We will promote your website, and help you develop the website. Just copy and add this html in your website, on the home page. as long as the html is there, we will take care of your webiste.
Here is the list of thing we will do for you:
  1. Search engine optimization(seo).
  2. Submit to over 200+ websites.
  3. Make your page rank higher.
  4. Increase traffic for your website.
  5. Improve alexa ranks.
and all this is free, just keep this html code on your home page, i mean your index page. We will manually check that, and then we will start your work. As long as we see our html code there, we will work for you.

Just copy one of these and email us at the above link, and we will do the rest. if you want to improve all, then you put all the codes on your homepage. and we will do everything for you as described below.

Improve alexa rank.

Increase google pagerank(pr)

Increase your website's traffic

Improve your keywords in search engines.

Free submission of your website to search engines.

Free search engine optimization for your website

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