Sunday, January 07, 2007

classified ads for your website traffic.

Classified ad also helps you to gain traffic. The basic things you should look when you are searching for a classified website is it's google page rank. If the google page rank is more than 1, that means there is no risk in putting your ads in that website. I will list some of the classified websites here, you can get a lot of traffic from those. All of them are free to join, that makes them even better.

To start with, here is a free classified website which will advertise your website absolutely free.

There is no end to the no of classified websites available on internet. If you go to google, and search for "free classified websites" etc. you will get enough websites to put your ads. how much traffic you will get from that classified ads, you can check that out from the alexa rank of the classified website. if the rank is better, arround 50 thousand or less, then you can get decent traffic. Don't go for paid classified as that will not help you, and you will lose too much money.

here are a few website that you can try, for free classified ads.
  • {the best in the classified sites.}
  • {this is not a classified website, here classified is just a feature that makes myspace more popular, it is a social network website where you can make friends.}
Just search on, and you will get lots. A peice of suggestion i must give is, make a separate email id for this, as you will get too many spam emails from this classified, don't use your primary email id for this.

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