Thursday, January 11, 2007

webmasters help to website success

Google has a lot of features that webmasters can take benefit of. There is a webmasters forum where you can discuss anything related to your website Also google’s staff are available here, so you can get a few official comments as well. Honestly the people from google don’t reply much, but you can try your luck there. This is another place where you can find out, whether your website is indexed by google or not, all the information about crawling etc can be found here,

Yahoo also provides a similar service, but the features are a bit less. Though you can use this, as all these will make your website’s indexing in search engines easier,

Want alexa bot to crawl your website, this is the best place for that to happen. Just invite the alexa bot in to crawl your website.

These little things keep you above, in the race of competitors.

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