Wednesday, January 10, 2007

tricks to make more money from adsense

We have already discussed the tips section, now let's get on to the advanced section. One click can pay you $100 and another can pay you 1cent. The amount that you are paid per click depends on the bidding of your advertisers. Some advertiser dose more bidding and some do less.

Why do people bid more? Just imagine a person bidding $40 for a single click. If you were an advertiser how much would you bid, well I would bid the lowest possible! Then why these people are bidding so much. The answer is, publishers like the more bidding ads, and most of all your keyword is included in every publishers content if you bid more, right.

Now am giving your a list of words that are high paying, so if you include these words in your content, then you can enjoy some great clicks.

here is the list

This list can go more, but i hope the message is clear, the medical terms get's more money. Anyways we will talk of some more adsense money increasing methods in the next post.

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