Sunday, January 07, 2007

affiliate websites to make money on internet

Affiliate is a popular term on internet. Every website needs people who will popularise there website. Then they pay the affiliates for there work. i have done a lot of affiliate works myself. honestly telling, 1 out of thousand site really pays.

so, how to understand a perticular site will pay you or not. there is one simple way. every site has a contact us page. use that, and ask any resonable question to the website owner. if he replies then there is chances that this affiliate website is worth giving a try.

i will list here a few website who has paid me. and am telling you these website's are free to join. so you don't have anything to lose. you will have to still give those website's enough time. it takes time to get yourself established in the affiliate market on internet. you need enough experience to start making decent money, but then you start with my over 8 years of affiliate marketing. chances are you will start making money from the word go.
so here is the first website, this is the only survey based website that paid me.

Ok, now am giving you another website's link which is doing good. it's a fairly new website, and it is said that this website actually owned by it's member. this way when you register, you don't actually become a member of this website, but you become a share holder of the website.
The name of the website is agloco and this one is an easy website to make money.

Write and earn, this type of websites are available in abandunce in the internet. but this one is different. it has a page rank of 6 on it's home page and has a lot of traffic. here you just have to write lots of articles. they call the articles as abstracts. then these abstracts become popular and get indexed in search engines. after that, they pay you for the ammount of traffic those articles or abstracts pulls. this way you can make money on your articles forever. or you can publish your own articles and give your blog or website a backlink, that way you get higher page ranks and traffic for free. it pays by paypal.
here is the link to the website, simply write and earn.

here is a link to become an affiliate of the v7n directory submission.

when ever any website will pay me, i will put it's link here. so keep checking this place for updates.

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