Wednesday, January 10, 2007

quick indexing in search engines

Get indexed in search engines in less than 24 hours of your site’s being online. This blog was indexed by search engines in a few days. This is mainly due to the feeds. Also the backlinks that I generate from articles and directory submission has a big role to play. But the feeds are a major reason why blogs get’s indexed faster than any websites. So, I suggest all the website’s to have a blog. You can try the word press and moveable type blogs. A blog will help your website getting indexed faster, also the crawling rates of search engine crawlers will increase. All you have to do is make a blog, then keep adding contents contents as frequently as possible.

Let’s get to the point now. What are feeds and how it will help to bring search engine bots and crawlers to blogs and websites?

Search engine robots, spiders, and crawlers etc, reads and understand xml easily. Now feeds are generally rss and atom. There is no use of understanding these in detail. The fact is, most people today like to read contents and news in there feed readers. And for that you will have to submit your blog’s feeds in a lot of feed submission websites.

You must have heard about the “my google” , “my yahoo” etc. these are your personal google and yahoo pages. You can customize your page and add feeds there, so that it is displayed in that page, and you can quickly get to read news from your favorite sources.

Ever heard of the blog and ping technique. When anyone submits your feed to the google or any other site, in there personal my google page, then the google crawler comes to the blog through the feed url and collects data from there. Just make a blog and ping it, this is the easiest way to get the crawlers to your website or blog. And also it is the quickest to get your site or blog indexed.

You can get feeds to help your blogs as well. I recommend this website for feeds This is a website where you simply create a free account. Then log in to it, and the copy your rss-xml or atom feeds etc and paste it in the homepage of the website. First register, then login, you must be registered to do all this properly. You get a profile page once you login, from there you enter your feeds url. After that you see your URL listed in your profile. Click on the listed URL, there you will get the control panel for your feeds. From there you can manage it. Give it more time, and then slowly you will know the importance of all this.

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