Sunday, January 07, 2007

tips to increase your alexa rank.

Alexa is a website which ranks all the website's on internet. According to alexa has the most traffic. It means more people go to yahoo rather than any other website. Msn and google comes after that. Also orkut and youtube and myspace manage a place in top 10 website. Alexa gives a rank to any website, so your website or blog also has some rank. If you qualify to get inside the top 1 lakh rank, then you can see your traffic graph. When your website is first ranked in alexa, it's rank can be more than 50-60 lakh. If you follow the tricks, that am going to tell, then you may get in the one lakh rank in, not more than 3 months.

Ok, now the question is what is alexa?
Alexa is an website. It provides a search engine, and a toolbar. Alexa helps every website to get a traffic rank. This rank gives an idea of the traffic a perticular website has. If the rank is about 1 lakh then people estamate the website's traffic to be more than 1000 unique visits a day. So, this helps your website to get some respect in terms of traffic. People might think your website's reputation is higher with better traffic ranks.

How dose alexa ranks website? From where the data of traffic is comming?
The answer is simple, the alexa toolbar. And this is the way to increase your traffic. If you install the alexa toolbar, and then browse through your website, and open every page of you website then you can manage a better alexa rank. Just install the toolbar, and then simply in your browser i.e. internet explorer as alexa don't support any other browers, open your website. you don't have to use the toolbar, browse as you have been browsing for all these days. The toolbar will send the data itself.

Am giving you an url that will help you to invite the alexa crawler, so that you website will be indexed in the alexa. this way you start getting the ranks from alexa. Here is the link

It is a nice way, so what is the problem?
The problem is that the alexa toolbar has many adwares. And these adwares and spywares are a reason why alexa toolbar is difficult to use. No one like these spywares and your system and internet's speed will be slowed by this.

Then what is the solution?
Well, there is a solution all right. Just go to any internet cafe or any public computer, install the alexa toolbar and open your website. This is the best way. And since it is from different ip address, you will get more higher ranks, each time you visit a different public computer. More over if you all your website to the favorites and make that your home page, in any public computer installed with alexa toolbar, the people who will come after you, will also give your website a better alexa rank.

Now let me give you more methods to make your ranks better.
  • You can make a coustom alexa toolbar for you, with your logo on that.
  • If you use the mozila firefox toolbar, then you can integrate alexa with it.
  • You can refer your coustom alexa toolbar to others, like your visitors.
  • There are alternatives to the alexa toolbar.
If you go to the then you will get all the info you want on the alexa toolbar and how to make most of it. What am going to tell you, is what are the alternatives. And here is one alternative that you will sure like it. So here is the link
i hope this will help you, and if you think i have helped you in anyway, then please include my blog's url in your coustom toolbar that you will make, both vmn, and the alexa. Thanks!

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