Tuesday, January 09, 2007

prevent your contents from getting stolen

Do you have the fear that your contents are being stolen. How to prevent this from happening. Most people use this website for protecting there unique contents, http://www.copyscape.com/. This website dose not do much, you can just put up a banner and that says don’t copy, this is a page protected by copyscape. This is not why I refer this website. There is a feature in the site that tells you how many duplicate contents you have for a particular url. Now this is a useful feature. You can type in your website’s URL and check for your duplicate contents in the web, then you can keep a track of website’s stealing your content.

There is one more method that you can follow. This is a very popular website, http://digg.com/. Just copy the full URL of your page, that has some unique content, and go to dig. Simply open a free account, and post your story. You will have to enter the URL of the story and then describe it in 350 characters. This way you get a free backlink and some free traffic. Also you submit your URL of the story so your page remains unique.

Technorati also dose a similar work. You can also try that. There is a lot of similar website, but I strongly suggest not to try them, try this digg website, this is a very popular one. You can try to add every article or content of your website to this digg website.

This topic will be updated and this post is not complete, so keep checking this, and I will upload more data in this page.

In the next post I will talk a bit about the rss and xml feed. That will help bloggers mostly. Though the feeds are a popular topic and most people know about this, but for those who want to know extra or those who don’t know about this yet, this could be an interesting topic.

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