Tuesday, January 09, 2007

get all your pages indexed in search engines.

We have talked about unique contents, and also discussed about methods to get unique content. Now we will talk about getting your website’s each and every page indexed in search engines. So, what is the method of getting your entire website indexed in google.

Before discussing that, let me tell you how you will understand a website is indexed or not. Google toolbar gives a facility to check the cashed pages of a website, and that can be very helpful. You just check out that a particular web page is cashed by google or not, if not then the website or a particular page is not in google’s index.

How to get all your pages indexed. First of all try making your website static. A static page with a .html or a .php extension get’s indexed in any search engines faster than the URL’s with =, ?, & and id etc characters. Though many search engines indexed dynamic pages also, but then the importance of static page is more than the dynamic page and the static pages do well in the search engines, search results as well. You can also learn about the mod_rewrite function of apache to understand about it more.

The best way to index all your pages to search engines is to have a site map. A site map is a collection of your pages. A site map is advised for bigger websites, where the amount of pages are big. There are a lot of methods to make a site map. You can simply create a page in your website and add all your links there. Put a link to that page in the bottom of your home page as sitemap and then link it to the page with all your links.

Here am talking of some of the great site map creating websites. There are tools in the Internet, most of them are free and those tools generates sitemaps for your website. The software tool will find all the WebPages, in your website. It will list all your pages in a file and you have your sitemap ready. For better indexing there is also an xml sitemap option, as the search bots reads the xml easily, so you can upload an xml sitemap is you like. Here is the link to the websites http://gsitecrawler.com and there is one more http://xml-sitemaps.com/. There could be a thousand such websites, but it’s better to use these. This will help you to make proper sitemaps and google will index your site quickly.

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