Thursday, January 11, 2007

get free backlinks by submitting articles

Article writing is the best method of getting backlinks. You can write thousands of articles and submit them is hundreds of article submission websites. This is the best way to develop backlinks. Article submission is better than directory submission, because article submission websites are not blacklisted as most directory submission. And most of all, there is not much difference between directory submission and link exchanges. Directory submission is better, if you are submitting on page rank 6 directories or above, but there is very few pagerank 6 and above directories available. On the article submission sites, page rank 6 is pretty common.

Any search engine bot indexes links easily with they get unique contents, so writing articles are is the best way to do it.

So, what are the things you should look at, while selecting an article submission website. First of all, check the page rank, if the google page rank of an article submission website is not available then stay away from that website. There is no harm in a page rank 0 website, in case the website’s pagerank is grey which says, “this website is not currently ranked by google”, means it’s a blacklisted website. This is known as “grey shade”. Page rank can be found in google toolbar. Also there is no use to submit page rank 0 websites also. So target your articles in page rank 4 and above website to gain proper backlinks.

Write an article describing your website. Take time and write as long as possible. Check your article for spelling and grammar, as most of article submission websites won’t accept wrong English articles. You can also get your articles written by some professionals if you are unable to write quality English. Most article submission websites have a resource box, so you enter your website’s URL’s there. When the article will be submitted, and approved. It will be posted in the article submission websites. Your article will have your website’s URL listed there. When the search engine crawlers will read the article, they will also index your website, or crawl your website. This way you can get your website indexed, and increase your page rank. This is one of the most important part of seo today.

Take your time, slowly submit your articles, and keep submitting them as often as you can. Try to write more article, rather than submitting the same articles again and again. One word of advice, first publish those articles in your website. Then wait for the search engines to index that article. After that submit that article to as many websites as you can, this way the original content remains with you.

Search in google by “article submission” and you will find all the article submission websites. Keep submitting all your articles to get a lot of backlinks.

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Submit to some of the great directories, here is an example.

here is the list:

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