Saturday, January 06, 2007

free search engine submission.

Search engine submission is a method where you add your website to the various search engines of the internet. the big search engines are the google, yahoo and msn. But these are not the only one, after all google get's about 50% of the total search, and the yahoo and msn get about 35% of the search. Still there is about 15% of search left, which is being done in the smaller search engines. to get the most traffic from search engines, it is important to get your site listed in all the search engines.

Am going to shair one of my favorite website, which dose this work. it submits your website to top 20+ search engine for free. Here is the link to the website, , this is one of the best website submission tools available.

If you check out the right side of the website, there are a couple of tools. link popularity etc tools are available in the website. Each tool there is free to use and if you give some time to the website then you will get to know more about the tools. These little things will help your website reach the top position in the search engines. traffic and page rank will increase. Also there is a little information about the alexa rankings. In the next post i will tell you a few secrets to increase the alexa ranks of your website.

Here is a submission tool, which i got from that website, you can use it to submit your website to a lot of search engines.

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