Thursday, January 11, 2007

google analytics way of understanding site traffic

Google analytics is the best place where you can know where your website’s traffic is coming from. . You can see the graph which will tell you from where your traffic comes from. It can be from any part of the world, and then you know, how popular your blog or website is in which part of the glove. For using this, you need to copy the tracker. The tracker code will be available when you register your website with analytics. When you will paste that code in your website, you will be able to track your website. More of less this service is reliable. And most other free services that give such facilities are not so accurate. We have seen using most counters, they even count your visit if a person dose a refresh of the page.

I will also give you another website which dose somewhat the same work. But the free service of this website is also not that bad. Actually it as more features than the analytics. You can try this website as well.

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