Friday, January 05, 2007

list of free webhosts

today am going to talk of some free web hosts. sites that gives free hosting facility, on a subdomains or pages.

yahoo's geocities is the most famous of the lot. though the feature is not much to boast about. just the 15 mb space, which is not at all sufficient. then you can upload the picutres only makes things worse. Data transfer is 3 GB/month but this is checked evrey hour, makes arround 4 mb per hour. so your site goes off line very quick. there are a lot of free tools with geocities, so you this is a feature rich package.
alexa rank of this site is 69 and page rank is 8

then the free webs, this is another website giving free sites. this is the link to it
alexa rank of this site is 338 and page rank is 7

50webs is another website giving free subdomains, also there is a 60 mb of free space, and unlimited data transfer, making your site's uptime 100%. but there is a problem, you can not upload a single file of over 300k and above. the link is
alexa rank is 2339 and the page rank is 6

google pages is another option for the free page. you also get the google page maker to help you make your page. yes, it is easy, but the features are not sufficient. though it is being updated.

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