Sunday, January 07, 2007

unique content for website traffic

This is the most important reason why a website dose good on any search engines. There are a thousand method to bring a search engines crawler to your website. But if your website dose not have enough unique traffic then the chances are, you website or blog will not be indexed. Also if you have duplicate content then your website or blog can be blacklisted on search engines.

so the simple answer is, start making content. There are lots of content writing softwares, but i strongly suggest not to use those. And content here means only text. if you want your pages rank well in search engines, then start making unique contents. Write yourself a few pages every day. In about a month you will have decent pages on your website. We will discuss in the next post, about getting all your pages of your website indexed in the search engines. in this page we will only discuss how to get unique content.

There is no harm in buying some unique content. I have a team of professionals who write quality content for websites. Also we charge very less for contents. If you want to bid for content, then you can simply contact us from the email address. Try the contact us page to contact us. Then we will discuss more about what type of content you want.

Also for people who are having websites, those of you who runs websites i strongly suggest you to start a blog. Word press and movable types are a few example of blog running scripts. Just install it and you blog is ready to use. If you run a company, you can simply put some of the information and inside news in your blog. If you keep post a few pages every day, in a few months, the hits to your blog will be more than your website's home page. I must say, blogs get's more traffic than most websites. Also you can use the blogger to post on your website, we will talk about this in later posts. In the mean time, just start a blog and start posting.

If you want to go for free options, and still want unique content, you should try to get a add article feature in your webiste. Then people will write unique contents for you. this is a free way to get some unique content for your pages.

Now here is the big question, how you will know that a page in your website is unique of not. The simple way to know this is, just use this website. It will tell you how many such pages are already available in the internet. Then from there you can understand that your content is unique or not. Possibly there is no harm in keeping a few duplicate contents in your website. But if it becomes more, then you will face problems from the search engines.

Here the the link to the website, that helps you to find a page is unique of not.

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