Sunday, January 07, 2007

free hits to your website.

Am talking about a website that will give you lots of free hits. you must have heard about websites that give free traffic. This is also a similar one, where you search for credits and that credit is used to give you traffic.

Most of these websites that dose similar things are not worth giving a try. Then why i chose this website. The answer is simple, this website has a google page rank of 6, and an alexa rank of less than 600. google page rank 6 means this website is good to use. The alexa rank of 600 means this website has a large volume of traffic. This is the reason it says a swarm of traffic, really huge traffic. and the most important thing is, it's free to join, and you can earn the credits absolutely free.

So here is the link, from where you can join this traffic swarm website

Now, let me say a few thing about the traffic that you get. Though it says that every credit is equal to a unique person visiting your website or blog, but it is not excatly the same. I have noticed that 2-5 credits are wasted before you get a unique visit each time. So that way you can get about 4 unique visitors in about 10 credits. This pretty good, as other similar websites gives about 4 unique visits by wasting 100+ credits. The visit of the people are unique and the traffic you get is content targeted or category targeted. This means the people visiting your website is interested in your blog or website.

You will need a few credits to activate your account, it dose not take much time. Once your account get's activated, you get a 100 credits free. From then you just start getting a lot of hits to your website for free.

you can also put the search bar of this traffic website in your own site or blog, this will help you to get more traffic and credits. Though i don't suggest to put adsense ads pages in with this website. Try using this traffic on non-adsense pages, though google has not told that this is not allowed, but it's better to stay safe.

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