Wednesday, January 10, 2007

earn money from your website or blogs by displaying ads

In this section we will discuss the various opportunities of earning money by displaying ads from different ads network. Google’s adsense is the best contextual ads network, but we will not discuss this one here, there will be separate posts where only adsense will be discussed. In this post I will explain all the other ads network which gives money for displaying ads in your website’s and blogs.

How dose these ads network work? Where is the money coming and where it’s going?

An ad network maintains an equilibrium between the publishers and the advertisers. The publishers has the traffic on there websites and blogs. Now the advertisers are people who are looking for quality content targeted traffic. For that advertisers pay these ads network, and then the ads network publish ads on any publishers site or blog, and the advertisers get there traffic. This is how the ad networks work.

Let’s take this website to begin with. As in every other ad websites, there are two parts. One is for advertisers and the other is for publishers. Publishers get’s paid for every click, and there is also a $20 free clicks for advertisers. One thing that I like about this ad network is, it shows the bidders. you can see what is the highest amount per click on any webpage. And the top bidders will be automatically placed on your website. Like I see a $5 click as the highest in my bids section. So am confident that some day when someone will click on that ad, I will get the $5 click. You can try this ads network, it’s pretty satisfactory.

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Am now going to talk about an Indian ads network. this also has two parts where you can be an advertise or a publisher. There is also a feature that you can use your publishers money, the money you gain from showing ads in your website, to advertise your website. Also if you signup as a publisher, you can advertise 3 links for free, your links will be online for 1 month. This is cheap ads network, so you just get 4 cents per click. But then if you advertise your links, you just have to pay 6 cents. So here you can get some cheap traffic to your website. Also this network takes only websites, domain based quality websites are only accepted here, so, if you advertise in this network, then your ads will only be displayed on websites and not on blogs or any free pages.

Free Ads for Indians Worldwide

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There is also another site, which is my favorite. It is somehow integrated by alexa, and here your website’s or blogs value depends on alexa ranks. You earn more money from clicks if your alexa ranks are better.

I will be updating this page pretty frequently, so keep checking this for updates.


Anonymous said...


What is the idea for google adsense?

tech expert said...

i have made two posts for adsense, check them!
and the idea for adsense is making money displaying ads on blogs and sites!