Wednesday, January 10, 2007

tips to make money from adsense

Following are a few tips that can help you make some more money from adsense. You need traffic for getting money, so read the rest of the blog, that will help you to get some traffic. Blending the ads: now let me explain this point carefully. You cannot edit your ads code once you get it from adsense. But you can choose your colors in the adsense ad selection.

Now in the above picture, you can see the option default google palate, there you can always chose “open air”. Also you have the colors option. Like the background color “ffffff” this is the white color. But my blog’s background is not white. My blog’s background color for the right side ads zone is “E3F0FB”, so I will put this color code there, in the ads background color.

This is the best way to blend the ads. Chose the ads background as the same as the Website or blogs background, chose the same for the border as well. Then chose the ads text color as the same as the rest of your content’s color. This way your ads will look as a part of your site. You will get better clicks this way.

After your ads are blend you need to understand what is the best ads format that will help your earnings. The square ads format like the 250*250 pixels ads, get you more click, than the straight or vertical banners. The 160*600 type of ads dose not get enough traffic, so forget all that. Get any of the square ad units, that will help you to make more money out of adsense.

The referral blocks don’t pay too much. So prefer not to use it. The search and referrals don’t work out great for most people, unless ofcourse you have your content optimized for firefox or picassa etc.

The link unit 728*15 gives a high click through, but then it has to be optimized well, and also it needs to be kept on top.

Any ad unit work well, only when it’s in the top 800*600 pixels area of the website. So it’s better to keep your ads block in this region of your website. Also when you have one large page with lot’s of content, prefer all the three ad unit as the 250 square unit, and put it surrounded by the content of your website. That way you will earn more money, and get more clicks.

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