Wednesday, January 10, 2007

earn money from adsense

Adsense is the best contextual ads network. People can make money from adsense, by displaying ads in their blogs and websites. There are lots of rules of adsense which are to be followed, because adsense is very strict and can ban your account. And remember, an adsense account once is banned forever.

How to join adsense and start earning. It is easy to join adsense if you have a blogger account. blogs from blogger get approved faster than any other websites. Go to blogger and make a blog. Since you are reading this blog, means you are already at blogger. Just create an account, make a blog, and post a few pages of quality content. If you read my entire blog you will learn how to get a successful blog. Then you can get traffic, learn about feeds etc. after that copy your blogs URL, and go to and apply for adsense. Give the necessary details and then and in the place of your website or blog, give the URL of your blog you created in blogger. This is the easiest way to get into adsense.

Once your account is created and approved you can login to your adsense account. There is in adsense setup tab you can get your adsense code. Just paste that code in your blog. After that whenever a visitor clicks your ads you will be paid. Remember one thing, don’t click on your ads, also don’t ask anyone to click on your ad. If you visitor feels that the ads are of any interest to them, they will click those ads themselves. Read the full tos of google adsense, and the program policies. And follow those terms carefully else you may get banned, then all your money will be lost. It takes $100 before you payment is processed. So before that you will not get any payment.

What is the method to increase your payment? We will discuss these in the next post. As of now, just add contents, unique contents, write whatever you want; as text is the only content that google loves. So type in what every you know. It is important to start a blog on your favorite topic, else you will run out of your text. Just see this blog, it is just 2 weeks old, and there is already a lot of unique text has been added. This is the reason why this blog got indexed in google less than one week.

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